Kelli B Wilson

Graduate of the The Art Institute of Portland, OR

Bachelors of Fine Arts - Game Art & Design 2018


     My artistic strength is with realism and creatures. It can sometimes be dark or unusual, but also detailed and can be easily adapted to many other styles. My passions are for the macabre, strange & unusual; nature, animal & human anatomy, with a love for creature & equine design.

Design Philosophy

    Good art is made by one who is always moving forward, asking questions and open to new ideas, techniques and opportunities

Mission Statement

    To bring new, original ideas and concepts forward and to help the gaming industry evolve and to evolve along side it


  • Photoshop 

  • Maya 

  • Substance Painter 

  • Sculptris 

  • Zbrush 

  • Headus 

  • Unity 

  • Microsoft Word

  • Power Point

Fields Of Interest

  • Concept Art:

       Creature, environmental, asset and character design.

  • 3D Modeling:

       Organic and Hard Surface, Assets, Character modeling, Creature modeling